If you would like to use our SANTEC logo for your deliverables, you can download it here in different formats.


Euro scale (4c)

Logo - EPS | PC 1.17 MB


Logo - PNG | PC 147.56 kB

Important note on the SANTEC logo usage

The SANTEC logo is part of the intellectual property of our company. The logo serves as a symbol for our company identity. The SANTEC logo has been designed with a lot of diligence. If you would like to use our logo for your printed deliverables, on your website or for any other purpuse, please only use the logo provided on this site. Never re-design the logo yourself or manipulate its design in any way.

Before you use our logo, we have to agree on it upfront. So please send an e-mail to santec_marketing@burg.biz and briefly describe what you would like to use the logo for. We will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible.

Please also read our imprint .