19-08-2015  "Burg Cam Pro" App for iPhones available now!

Using the "Burg Cam Pro" App, you can easily Access the SANTEC SNVR and SCVR recorder models.

Burg Cam App

The new "Burg Cam Pro" App has just been released which enables you to access your SANTEC SNVR (IP) and SCVR (CVI) Recorder - it's so easy and convenient! You can use a WLAN or UMTS Network to establish a Connection. Hence you are able to monitor surveillance images remotely using your  iPhone or to adjust recorder settings.

  • Multi-lingual App (English, German, French, and others)
  • Relay output control 
  • Use the "push alarm" feature to receive instant notifications on your mobile device if an event occurs
  • Make image adjustments and set the stream quality
  • Create e-maps

Burg Cam Pro in iTunes Store