Service access

You mnay identify specific employees in your company and grant them a special service access.

Full access: Only the user with unlimited rights has access.

You may choose from three different levels of service access. If you require a partial access, please do this in written and fill in the "Terms of use" form below.

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Terms of use (PDF format, 0.03 MB)

Depending on the access level, your employee has the following rights:

  • Access to all areas on our website
  • Access to all product information

Full access




Partial access

Recommended retail price


Your price


Price lists


Stock availability


Place orders


Changing your customer data


Personalised data sheet

Upon receipt of your service access request, your employee is added as an additional contact person in our database for your company. You then receive a contact number by e-mail and your employee is asked to register.

Since your employee is not able to see any prices or stock availability and is not able to place orders, it is not necessary to fill in the terms of use for e-commerce.

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