Shipping information, repairs and RMA

Return goods to BURG-GUARD
In case of repairs and other returned goods,
please read the following shipping instructions.

Prior to sending any goods to us, please contact our sales team (if you wish to return or exchange a device) or our support team (if you have a defective device that needs to be repaired).

The sales team's contact details are available under Contact .
For technical requests or repairs, please use the Service & Support  request form.

Returned goods in original packaging
Please use the original packaging when
returning goods to us.

Please be aware that all goods and devices which you wish to return to SANTEC should be sent in their original packaging.
This is to avoid transportation damages which might occur when improper packaging is used.
PC-based digital recorders of the NUUO and SanGuard series as well as monitors are generally only accepted in their original packaging.
If you no longer have the original packaing, please contact us and we will provide you with one free-of-charge. Please contact us for details.

Returning good or RMA
For returning goods
(wrong delivery, transportation damage, etc).

Prior to returning goods to us, please contact our sales department .

Serial number
In order to ensure a fast processing of your request,
please keep the serial number of the device at hand.

Possible reasons for returning goods:

  • Wrong delivery dony by BURG-GUARD GmbH
  • Wrong order by customer
  • Double delivey
  • Return a loan/demo unit
  • Transportation damage

Important note 

  • Do not return a device to us without a valid RMA number because it cannot be processed by us and it will be send back to you.
  • Conditional acceptance of returned devices only within 20 days and subject to our approval.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept any goods or to charge you for any damaged good caused by improper packaging or if device's parts are missing.
  • If you return goods to SANTEC BW AG without one of the above stated reasons applying, we will charge you as stated below.
  • If - after inspection - the device is only good to be resold as a second-hand device, we reserve the right to deduct 20% of the recommended net retail price.


Repairs and cost estimates 
If you would like to return a defective device to us,
please read the following notes.

The device returned by you will be inspected by us based on your error description and is checked for warrenty. If the device's warrenty is still valid, the device will be repaired by us or will be exchanged by a device of equal value. If no malfunctions can be found, the tested device will be returned to you. For this procedure, we will charge you as stated below.

If the device's warrenty is no longer valid, you will receive a cost estimate for the repair (see below rates). These costs will be charged when the repair order is placed.

With regards to efficiency, repairs amounting to less than 120.00 € net per device are usually done without consulting you, except you explicitly wish to receive a cost estimate prior to the repair being done. 

Rates for inspections and cost estimates 

(49.00 € net)
CCTV cameras, lenses, monitors up to 19", power adapters. Network technology (IP cameras, IP servers, and others), digital recorders, multiplexes, speed domes, monitors larger than 19", keyboards and all other products.

Loan unit for bridging repair times
As a service, we offer to provide you with a loan unit for the time your device is in repair. 

Loan unit for bridging repair times
As a service, we offer to provide you with
a loan unit for the time your device is being repaired. 

The lending fee amounts to 5% of the recommended retail price per week, however at least 30.00 € net/week. Billing is done per week. Please make sure that the devices are returned in full, including accessories and packaging, and as good as new. If the loan units are damaged and/or accessories are missing, we reserve the right to charge your with the respective costs. 

This service is only available for SANTEC/BURG-GUARD products. For products of other manufacturers, e.g. Axis, Arecont, Heitel, Videotec or others, we are unfortunately not able to provide loan units.